We Live By The Blessings Of Amma

We are staunch devotees of Amma. One day, a cow attacked my father. As a result, there was a deep wound on his nose. The doctors had sutured it, but in a few days, my father found it difficult to breathe! The doctors said that, he had to undergo a surgery. We came to Amma and asked Amma what we might do. Amma told us that Amma would take care of my father. Yes! Amma did! My father is doing well.

Four years ago, we bought a new tractor. One day, when my father was driving the tractor, he happened to fall into a pit twenty five feet deep! Another man was sitting beside my father. By Amma’s blessings, nothing happened to him. My father was admitted to a hospital in Eerod. He had to be in the I.C.U. for forty days. It was at that time, that our Adigalaar Amma came to Eerod on a spiritual journey. When my father heard this, he left the hospital without being noticed and took part in the procession. My father was so eager to see Amma and wanted Amma’s glance to fall on him. What a wonder! The next day, my father could walk! Only thirty days had passed, since he was admitted in the hospital. We were amazed that my father went to see Amma and as a result, by Amma’s blessings, began to walk freely. I am sure that it is only Amma, Who gave him the strength and saved him, because of his faith in Amma.

A friend of mine is a devotee of Amma. She was pregnant. When the due date was nearing, doctors said that, she would have to undergo a surgery. As soon as I heard this, I went to our Mandram and prayed to Amma. I took a lemon from the Mandram and Amma’s kumkum also and gave it to her. What a wonder! She delivered the baby without undergoing an operation! Both mother and child are doing well.

Once, the Sakthis from our Mandram had worn Sakthimalai and were ready to carry Irumudi to Mel Maruvathur. We had observed fast and followed the rules of Irumudi for five days. The Sakthis were boarding the bus. Then… unexpectedly, our bus began to move! There was a bus stopped in front of ours. All of us shouted. Several people came and tried to stop the moving bus, but they couldn’t. Only my husband didn’t stop trying. Then, he had a vision. Yes! Our Guru Amma pulled the bus back and stopped it! Only my husband saw it. The bus stopped. Amma saved all the Sakthis! Although my child was three years old, she couldn’t speak. I prayed to Amma and promised myself that I would go to Mel Maruvathur, on three New Moon days. I went to the Temple on two New Moon days. When I was ready to attend on the third New Moon day, my daughter began to talk! It was on that third New Moon day, that Amma was going to light the Navaratri Akhanda Lamp. I poured oil in the lamp lit by Amma. Now, my daughter can speak fluently. Dear Sakthis, don’t you think that my family is indeed an example to show that Amma helps everyone, who has full faith in Her? It is my prayer that Amma may kindly shower Her blessings on everyone in this world.

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