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It Will Be Done In A Grand Way

From 1983, I have been going to Mel Maruvathur, whenever I get a chance. I am living a good life with the blessings of Adigalaar Amma. I had been working with the government for twenty five years. I had retired, but following Amma’s advice, I re-joined the education department. In 2002, I became ill. The doctors said that, I had to undergo surgery at once.

I went to Amma to get Her blessings. Amma said to me, “You may undergo the operation. It will be done in a grand manner.” I felt glad, but I couldn’t understand why Amma said so. If it had been a marriage, I would have understood the meaning. Anyhow, as I had full faith in Amma, I didn’t worry about that.

On 23rd October, 2003, the operation was done. I was in the ICU for four days. I would become conscious, but become unconscious soon. It was at that time that I really knew what death is. I prayed to Amma mentally, for Her blessings, and promised myself that, if I lived, I would write to Sakthi Olhi. By Amma’s blessings, I became well and returned home. I would like to share this experience with all Sakthis and Sakthi Olhi readers.

My dear husband, aged parents, my sister and my brothers, my sisters-in-law, my colleagues, and my dear students took care of me very well. They showered their love on me. I felt as if all of them were telling me that they were all there to look after me. They did it by their action, not by words. It was indeed a rebirth for me. Our Amma wanted me to continue teaching and blessed me with a new lease of life. Amma made me understand the meaning of Her Divine Words, “It will be done in a grand manner.”

Dear Sakthis, all of us need to understand that each word of Amma’s has a thousand meanings in it. I may say that, I shall have to live a thousand lives in order to understand the meaning.