Amma, The Real Mother

I would like to tell you my experience about how our Amma blessed me, with a daughter. My husband is working in America. On 8th November, 2002, my marriage took place in the presence of our Divine Mother Amma. I left for America last year and have been living with my husband happily.

On the left side of my uterus, there was a small tumour. I went for check-ups regularly. My blood group is A1-. That of my husband is O+. As these two groups of blood do not agree with each other, our parents were worried.

Meanwhile, my mother-in-law, Srimati Savitri Venkatrayar, went to Amma for Arul Vakku. During the Paada Pooja, Amma said to my mother, “Daughter! Your daughter-in-law is pregnant, but she is not healthy enough to bear the weight of the child. You send My kumkum and the prasaad Theertham (Kalasha Theertham) to her. I shall take care of her and she will have a safe delivery.” My mother-in-law told me about this from India. Till then, I didn’t even know that I had conceived! I was very happy to hear the news. Every day, I made use of Amma’s kumkum and the Kalasha Theertham. Till the ninth month of pregnancy, I didn’t have any problem. The doctors had told me that the due date for delivery was 6th September, 2004. Right from childhood, I was very afraid and couldn’t bear even the slightest pain. Amma had said that, Amma would take care of everything and I would have a safe delivery. I was wondering how it would be possible. Wondering in this manner, I spent days.

Two weeks before the delivery, according to my doctor’s advice, I was admitted on 26th August, 2004, a Thursday. The doctor induced pain that night and the following morning, at 9 ‘o’clock, using the medical method. I was able to bear that pain. Yet, I was afraid. I prayed to Amma that, if I had a natural delivery, I would write to Sakthi Olhi. Till 5 p.m. that day, I didn’t delivery. The nurses said that, they couldn’t see any change. All of us were worried. By six ‘o’clock, I began to feel the pain. I wondered, if I would be able to bear the pain. I was feeling tired. Hence, I requested the nurses and doctor to give me anaesthesia, from waist to foot. The doctor told me that such an injection is usually given on the back, near the spinal cord. They said that, it would have adverse effects. When the anaesthetist tried to administer the injection, there was a wonder! I felt that my baby was coming out naturally! When I told them, the doctor stopped the injection. By Amma’s blessings, within fifteen minutes, I delivered the baby without any pain! The nurses told me that such a wonder had never occurred, in cases like mine. I told them that it was indeed a miracle, by the grace of our Adigalaar Amma, Who is the Incarnation of the Divine Mother at Mel Maruvathur. My relatives and I shall always do service to Amma, in the best way we can. We shall remain grateful to Her ever. According to Amma’s advice, we have named my child, Sakthi Savitri, adding the name Sakthi to that of my mother-in-law, Savitri.

In Developing A Spiritual Toolset

By practising the teachings of the Avatars, we are able to preserve and promote a spiritual toolset, which we know to be vital in life in any world.


For The Soul

The vedic prayers of the Avatars, written by Their divine guidance and blessings, are wonderful catalysts to connect with our true selves. They are essential steps and guides on our journey backwards.



Practise To Win

Chant, do, detach. The 'DO' is to be found in sadhana, also glibly called spiritual practice. The toughest step in the beginning, because rarely does one fancy doing, here are some nice ways to DO.



Look Into 'I'

And see the real 'I'. Question, evaluate, and transform. Be good, do good, see good, and all that wonderful, fluffy goodness. The final step in being divine, or as close as you can make it.