The Mother, Who Served Food

Nobody can forget 26th December, 2004. It was a day of sorrow for millions of people, who had been affected by the tsunami.

As soon as the news of the tsunami spread, our Amma told the devotees to help the victims, immediately. At once, we started cooking in the Temple kitchen. We cooked food, filled them in plastic containers, and immediately took them to the people, in vans and lorries. Among them, there was the van that belonged to Adi Parasakthi Trust. It was filled with three thousand pots of food! It started from Mel Maruvathur exactly at 12 noon. This van went in the direction of Seyyoor. Near the seashore, on the road towards the east, they wanted to distribute the food packets to the starving victims. In that van, the Sakthis were accompanied by Sakthi Devadas, Sakthi Kondaareddiyar, Sakthi Panneer, and Sakthi K. V. Muruganantham. By Amma’s blessings, I, too, got a chance to accompany them. Hence, I could see Amma’s miracle right in front of my eyes.

Before I talk to you about the miracle, I would like to tell you how we started from Mel Maruvathur and reached the locality along the seashore, in Seyyoor. We served food in Othiyurkuppam, first. It was 2 p.m. Then, we went to the fishermen’s locality and served food.

“Everywhere we went, we distributed three hundred to five hundred plastic pots filled with food.” – this needs to be written, so that you will understand the miracle we had witnessed.

At this rate, we served food in eight different places. When we were nearing the ninth place, Sakthi Devadas expressed a doubt. He was worried whether the food might have been spoilt, as it was prepared at the Siddhar Peetam kitchen, early in the morning. It was a good question. The reason is, the pots were filled with curry rice (sambar rice) and raw bananas cooked with salt and spices (upperi). Moreover, it was 6 p.m., then. As we felt that it was possible, that the food might have been spoilt, we decided to open one of the pots. What a wonder! The food was not spoilt at all! Surprisingly, it was hot, too! How is it possible? Only Amma can do such a wonder!! Feeling happy that the food was still fresh, we continued our journey. We went to yet five more places and distributed food. Once again, Amma showed a miracle. So far, we had gone to twelve different places to help the needy. We had distributed three hundred to five hundred pots of food in every place we visited. But, the total amount of food pots that we had carried was three thousand! If you calculate, you can understand this miracle, yourself. It is Amma, who provides food to everyone in this world. She is the Goddess of food. (Annapoorani) By Her grace and power, the amount of food was increasing according to the need! By the time we came back to the Siddhar Peetam, it was 10 p.m. It was a wonder that thirty six plastic pots of food were still left with us! When we opened them, we found that they were still hot and tasty!

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