Our Family Is At The Divine Feet Of Amma

In 1983, some people did black magic and it had the desired effect on me. We couldn’t live in our own house. We didn’t have money to buy clothes, food, and what we really needed. I had to borrow money from others and the debt was increasing. As a result, we had to move to a rented house. By Amma’s blessings, we were able to go to Mel Maruvathur on nine Full Moon days. We slept in the Temple. On each Full Moon night, I would see Amma in my dream and Amma would talk to me! The ninth Full Moon was Chitra Pournami. That night, my husband literally saw a ghost-like figure escaping from my body! Afterwards, as if by a miracle, all our difficulties began to go away, one after the other! People were laughing at us and wondering how we were going to live. They were all amazed at the change that had taken place in our family, by the grace of our dear Amma. Besides, Amma has given us such a financial position, that we are able to help the poor! Our Amma only named my grandchildren.

Sakthi Subramaniam couldn’t talk till he was three and a half years old. People began to say that he was dumb. In 2004, I carried Irumudi with a prayer to Amma that my grandson would soon start talking. After I came back from Irumudi, he began to talk very quickly! People were wondering and asking us how this was possible. The only answer was that it was a gift from our Amma.

This year, we pulled Amma’s golden chariot. While giving prasaad, we were given a calendar, too. After coming home, we felt that we would frame it later on and kept it in the cupboard. Amma appeared in my daughter’s dream and told her to take out the photo from the cupboard, frame it, and hang it on the wall. Early in the morning, we hung the calendar on the wall, above the television. That evening, there were thunder, lightning, and heavy showers! We were sitting in front of Amma’s photo at a distance, saying the Moola Manthiram. We heard thunder and saw lightning. The lightning came straight to Amma’s photo and struck below it! It resulted in several cracks on the floor! The lightning went back! We indeed understood that this bolt might have struck our family sometime, somewhere. Amma brought it below Her photo and prevented it from affecting us! My family knows very well, that it is our Amma, Who takes care of us and saves us from all dangers. We have surrendered totally, at the Divine Feet of our Amma. I can only say that all of us will remain grateful to Amma, till the last breath.

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