Sakthi Olhi, 2007 devotees' experiences translated from Tamil into English.

The 'Weekly Experience' features a devotees' experience chosen from our repository of translated experiences. This experience will feature across all the categories on Angel Grove Studio and 'My Mother' digital magazine. In 1984, my marriage took place. Although I gave birth to two children, both of them died. After that, I had miscarriages. The doctors said that, I wouldn't become a mother. Hearing this, I was very sad. When I was in the hospital, a Sakthi from the Adi Parasakthi Mandram at Ooti came to see me. I told him about my condition. This Sakthi, later on, took me to…
1. We have added the 'Weekly Experience' feature to the Sakthi Olhi in English section. An experience will be chosen every week from our translated resources and displayed in this section, for your spiritual uplift and reading pleasure. 2. We are well on our way to implementing e-commerce solutions for Angel Grove Studio. With God's grace, everything will go well.
By the blessings of Om Sakthi, my marriage took place. I got a job, too. After my graduation, I remained jobless for a long time, but by Amma’s blessings and Her mercy, I got a government job that I didn’t expect at all! Amazingly, I was chosen for a high post. In a dream, the Divine Mother told me that She raised my position by two steps. Accordingly, I was given a position with two stars. Even during my training, the Divine Mother stood by me, encouraging me all the while. Without any difficulty, She got me a transfer to…
While wearing Sakthimalai, I prayed to Amma to bless my younger daughter with a son. By Amma’s blessings, she delivered a baby boy. Amma gave him the name Sakthi Maheswara. Unfortunately, within a year, he developed problems in his urinary tract. We did Paada Pooja to Amma and asked Her what to do. According to Amma’s advice, we admitted him to Maruvathur Hospital and he became well. Now, by the end of this year, he developed the same problem. The doctors said that, he had to undergo surgery. My daughter and son-in-law told us about this. I told them that…
My only son, Sribalaji, was gradually becoming very stubborn. As his father is no more to advice him, I tried my best to make him understand, but he didn’t listen to me at all. He would keep away throughout the night. He would sleep throughout the day. He stopped his studies and also, his job. He spent all the time in the company of his friends, wasting his own time. If I said anything against him, he wouldn’t come home at all. My brothers and sisters are all living abroad. I was finding it very difficult to make him understand,…
On 1st April, 2000, I was bitten by a snake. At first, I felt that I had stepped on a thorn. The second time, I happened to see the snake bite me. At that time… I did not know who gave me the courage. Saying, “Om Sakthi, Parasakthi,” loudly, I brushed the snake aside with the purse I had. The snake fell at a distance, but advanced towards me very angrily. I repeatedly said Amma’s name. After a while, the snake went back. I was admitted to a hospital. I was in the I.C.U. The doctors said that, they wouldn’t…
I had been a coin that had no value at all. Yet, Amma accepted me as Her child. I failed to understand my husband and my family, and gave them a lot of trouble. It is only by Amma’s blessings and Her mercy that I began to love everyone and understand them. Amma blessed me with twins in my womb! I was very happy. One night, Amma came in my dream. In that dream, I was looking at Amma and crying. Amma looked at my tummy and then gave turmeric and kumkum. Along with it, Amma gave me a packet.…

In Developing A Spiritual Toolset

By practising the teachings of the Avatars, we are able to preserve and promote a spiritual toolset, which we know to be vital in life in any world.


For The Soul

The vedic prayers of the Avatars, written by Their divine guidance and blessings, are wonderful catalysts to connect with our true selves. They are essential steps and guides on our journey backwards.



Practise To Win

Chant, do, detach. The 'DO' is to be found in sadhana, also glibly called spiritual practice. The toughest step in the beginning, because rarely does one fancy doing, here are some nice ways to DO.



Look Into 'I'

And see the real 'I'. Question, evaluate, and transform. Be good, do good, see good, and all that wonderful, fluffy goodness. The final step in being divine, or as close as you can make it.