Amma In My Dream

I had been a coin that had no value at all. Yet, Amma accepted me as Her child. I failed to understand my husband and my family, and gave them a lot of trouble. It is only by Amma’s blessings and Her mercy that I began to love everyone and understand them. Amma blessed me with twins in my womb! I was very happy. One night, Amma came in my dream. In that dream, I was looking at Amma and crying. Amma looked at my tummy and then gave turmeric and kumkum. Along with it, Amma gave me a packet.

I had been going to the doctor for check-up, every month. When I went to him in the eighth month of pregnancy, the doctor said that, a scan had to be done. I was shocked to hear that one of the babies had died! The other baby was healthy. I began to cry. I prayed to Amma to save both of them and they were gifts from Amma Herself. I was admitted to the hospital. The doctors gave me injections to induce pain. The delivery was normal. A healthy boy was born. The girl had no life.

The doctors said that, it had been more than ten days since the baby girl died. The doctors were amazed and wondered how the healthy boy lived with the girl, all those days, inside the womb. Hence, my son was taken to the nursery. I was in one place and my son was in another place. I was not able to nurse him. I prayed to Amma to bless my son with good health and bring him to me. I also promised Amma that I would write to Sakthi Olhi. I would read the Manthira Nool. By Amma’s blessings, within three days, my baby was brought to me. I wasn’t able to nurse my son, as I didn’t have enough milk. I remembered Amma’s ‘Sakthi Vazhipaadu’ – “Pillai azhuthida pettraval iruppalo! Ullam kallo!” (Can a mother remain peaceful, when her child cries? Is the mind a stone?)

I prayed to Amma to bless me with enough milk, to feed him. In Amma’s book on medicine, I read that if the leaves of Castor plant are fried and tied on the breast, it helps increase the milk. I am doing it everyday. Now, I am able to nurse my baby. I thank Amma a million times. Only now do I understand that the turmeric and kumkum, that Amma gave me symbolised the baby boy and the closed packet was a sign of the baby girl, who died. I always pray to Amma to bless my child with health and happiness.

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