Amma Changed My Son's Mind

My only son, Sribalaji, was gradually becoming very stubborn. As his father is no more to advice him, I tried my best to make him understand, but he didn’t listen to me at all. He would keep away throughout the night. He would sleep throughout the day. He stopped his studies and also, his job. He spent all the time in the company of his friends, wasting his own time. If I said anything against him, he wouldn’t come home at all. My brothers and sisters are all living abroad. I was finding it very difficult to make him understand, that what he had been doing wasn’t right. I spent my days feeling sorry for him.

It was then, that ‘Amma’s miracle’ happened. I had gone to Chennai to attend a wedding. My uncle, Sri R. K. Murthi, compelled me to go to Mel Maruvathur. My aged mother and I went to the Temple. When I was standing in front of the Sanctum Sanctorum, I could see very clearly that the Divine Mother was looking at me. For a minute, I didn’t know what was happening. Slowly, but surely, I knew that the Divine Mother was showering Her blessings on me. We were to return to Hyderabad on the same day, but we decided to stay at the Temple overnight and do Paada Pooja to our Amma on the following day.

The next day, during the Paada Pooja, before I could say anything, Amma said to me, “You have come here with problems about your son. That too, according to what your uncle said. You have faith in Me. So, I shall not disappoint you. I shall save your son!” Amma said these Divine Words not once, but thrice as a promise! Amma told me to participate in the Adi Pooram Kanji festival and also, serve the Mother during Annadaanam (feeding of the poor). After coming back to Hyderabad, I sent a certain amount of money, enough to buy a tin of oil and a sack of sugar, for Annadaanam at the Temple. I went to the Temple for Adi Pooram, too.

It was indeed amazing to see that my son was slowly improving in his behaviour! He would listen to me, take food at the right time, and go to sleep at night. He became a very good boy! This happened in July, 2004. In the month of December, my son got a very good job in Dubai! My son, who had been refusing to talk to me or even look at me, is showering his love and affection on me. He telephones me every week. The boy, who had been wasting money once, has started saving money and helping the poor. I am certain that it is only our Amma, our Adigalaar Amma, Who changed my son’s behaviour and filled his heart with love and compassion! It is only Amma’s grace and blessings that saved my son from ruin. I am sure that the Sakthi Olhi readers will share my happiness with me.

The Divine Mother Adi Parasakthi can be seen right in front of our eyes, at the Mel Maruvathur Temple. All of us must go to Mel Maruvathur and have darshan of both the Divine Mother and our Amma. There have been many wonderful things happening in my life, since then. I am indebted to Amma for all my happiness today, and I shall remain grateful to Her ever, in my life.

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