What To Write? What To Leave?

By the blessings of Om Sakthi, my marriage took place. I got a job, too. After my graduation, I remained jobless for a long time, but by Amma’s blessings and Her mercy, I got a government job that I didn’t expect at all! Amazingly, I was chosen for a high post.

In a dream, the Divine Mother told me that She raised my position by two steps. Accordingly, I was given a position with two stars. Even during my training, the Divine Mother stood by me, encouraging me all the while. Without any difficulty, She got me a transfer to the same place, where my husband had been working.

But, as soon as I joined my job, I lost my identity card. Many people told me that if we lost our identity card, we would lose our job too, but I had full faith in Amma. I promised Her that I would write to Sakthi Olhi. Within a few days, I was given a new identity card without any problem! Everyone was filled with wonder.

I delayed writing to Sakthi Olhi. It is only now that I thought about it. There was a reason for the delay. The Divine Mother has helped me and blessed me in several ways. Which one should I write? How could I leave any one of them? This was the only reason. The Divine Mother is most merciful. Whenever I would do anything wrong, She would advise me just as a friend does, make me understand my mistakes and correct them. She is very kind hearted!

She cured my disease that was almost incurable. She took care of my wedding. She would show me wonderful dreams. She has blessed me in several different ways. I would wonder how fortunate I am and at the same time, what merits I do have. She is the Goddess, Who walks on the Earth. She is a friend, who talks to us. Above all, She is equivalent to the mother, who has given me birth. The Divine Mother takes care of us, until our last breath. Whenever we think of Her, She reaches to help us. This is indeed a wonder I have seen and experienced in my life.

It isn’t easy for me to write all my experiences, because they are numerous. What I have written is only a drop in that big ocean. Even if everyone leaves us, the Divine Mother will be with us until our last breath. Even if we do penance and meditation for years, it is doubtful whether we can reach God, but the Divine Mother at Mel Maruvathur has come to us in such a way, that we can reach Her easily. It is enough, if we have full faith in Her. I remain grateful to this Mother, Who has lit the lamp in my life.

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