Adigalaar Amma's Routine

By Thirumathi Amma, Sakthi Olhi, May, 2011

Amma’s seventy first birthday will be celebrated this year. Many devotees may like to know what Amma does every day. On the occasion of Amma’s birthday, I feel happy to write about Amma’s day to day life.

  • Amma gets up at 4 a.m.

  • Amma drinks a cup of tea.

  • Amma takes bath at 5 a.m. and wears white dhoti and white shirt. Amma looks bright. On festival days, Amma wears red dhoti.

  • On Tuesdays, Amma performs pooja around the house.

  • Every day, Amma reads newspaper without leaving a line. While reading newspaper, Amma doesn’t listen even if I talk to Amma. If there is anything important in the newspaper, Amma shows and tells me about it. If there is Amma’s Oracle in the newspaper, Amma shows it to me.

  • After the daily walk, Amma goes to the nearby fields.

  • Amma has pet dogs. They are very faithful. Amma gives them biscuits. While feeding the dogs, Amma gives biscuits to a few crows, too. There is something special in it. Those crows come every day at the right time. They pick up pieces of biscuits, go to the pot in which water is kept, dip the biscuits in that water, and then eat them! It is amazing and equally interesting to watch them eat biscuits.

  • Amma finishes breakfast by 8 a.m.

  • If there are visitors, Amma talks to them. Amma sees when Rahukaalam and Yamagandam come on that particular day and leaves for the Temple.

  • Before going to the Siddhar Peetam, Amma goes to the Mariamman temple near the house. Amma circumambulates the temple every day and then, proceeds to Siddhar Peetam.

  • Amma walks to the highway, worships Goddess Durga, and gets into the car to reach the Temple.

  • Amma circumambulates the Om Sakthi Peetam in front of the Siddhar Peetam. Amma takes out the money from His pocket and puts it in the donation box.

  • Amma circumambulates the Siddhar Peetam twice, enters the sanctum sanctorum, worships the Divine Mother, and comes to the Arul Koodam.

  • Amma gives Oracle on Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays, New Moon Day, Full Moon Day, and on festival days.

  • Amma accepts the paada pooja done by the devotees.

  • If there are important people at the Siddhar Peetam, who have come to see Amma, Amma gladly meets them and talks to them.

  • After 12 noon, Amma takes lunch and then, goes to rest.

  • In the evenings, according to Rahu Kaalam and Yamagandam, Amma goes around the college campus. If Amma meets students, Amma talks to them, too. On some days, Amma walks to the fields.

  • If devotees come home, Amma talks to them.

  • After having supper at 7:30 p.m., Amma retires to bed.

  • Before going to bed, Amma meditates.

  • Amma fasts on Adi Pooram, Navaratri, Thaipoosam, New Moon, Full Moon, etc. Amma observes silence as well.

  • While circumambulating the Siddhar Peetam, Amma stands in a particular place and worships the Sun God. Amma prays to the Sun God, using certain Dhyana Mudras (Hand-signs in meditation).

  • On Tuesdays, Amma performs Suttru Poojai at the Siddhar Peetam. During this, Amma carries the camphor plate and comes around the Temple. Amma sweats a lot during the pooja. It takes almost an hour to complete the Suttru Poojai. Amma lights camphor and shows the same in front of the following places:

1. Puttru Mandapam (where Amma used to give Oracles).

2. Karuvarai (the sanctum sanctorum).

3. Saptamathar Sannithi (the place, where the seven Divine Mothers are worshipped).

4. The Gods and Goddesses around the Puttru Mandapam.

5. The backside of the Puttru Mandapam.

6. Naga Peetam and the Gods and Goddesses there.

7. The accompanying Gods at the back of the sanctum sanctorum.

8. The Neem tree.

  • Amma circumambulates the tank, stands in the water, and does Prokshanam (a ritual of sprinkling water).

  • Amma comes to the Neem tree and worships the Gods and Goddesses there.

  • Then, Amma comes to the Nankukaal Mandapam, the Om Sakthi Medai (the Om Sakthi platform at the entrance to the Temple), and the Atharvana Bhadra Kali Temple. (opposite the sanctum sanctorum, outside the main Temple). Amma lights camphor and does pooja at these places.

  • Then, Amma comes to the Puttru Mandapam, bows in front of the Deity, and completes the Suttru Poojai. On every Tuesday, Amma does this pooja. It is indeed a blessing, if we get a chance to see Amma perform the pooja at the Siddhar Peetam.

The Divine Mother says in Her Oracle, “It isn’t necessary for Adigalaar to circumambulate the Temple and worship Me. Why does Adigalaar perform these acts and poojas? It is for you to learn the poojas by watching Adigalaar perform them!”

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