Sri Sathya Sai's Teachings

This category contains the wisdom, guidance, and teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

"With only four strings in his instrument, the violinist plays 400 ragas; similarly, Shiva and Shakti, Jada and Chaitanya have produced all creation. Sadhana is the answer you write in the examination; Sankalpa of the Lord is the mark you get; but, if you are an earnest student, the examiner may add some Grace marks and make you pass; that is the Anugraha. There are neither atheists, nor nastikas; there are only quick-walkers and slow-walkers on the pilgrim road; all are destined to reach Home. The upasana of Sundaram will lead you to the upasana of Sathyam and that will bring about Sivam or Mangalam."

In Developing A Spiritual Toolset

By practising the teachings of the Avatars, we are able to preserve and promote a spiritual toolset, which we know to be vital in life in any world.


For The Soul

The vedic prayers of the Avatars, written by Their divine guidance and blessings, are wonderful catalysts to connect with our true selves. They are essential steps and guides on our journey backwards.



Practise To Win

Chant, do, detach. The 'DO' is to be found in sadhana, also glibly called spiritual practice. The toughest step in the beginning, because rarely does one fancy doing, here are some nice ways to DO.



Look Into 'I'

And see the real 'I'. Question, evaluate, and transform. Be good, do good, see good, and all that wonderful, fluffy goodness. The final step in being divine, or as close as you can make it.